About Us

We are the most upto date course for both PLAB 1 and PLAB 2


Hello my name is Samson. I have been teaching PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 for the past 10 years and I have the GMC logic to make you succeed in the PLAB exams. Through my NHS experience, over 10 years teaching experience and feedback from the previous candidates I have all you need to pass your exams. 

I offer one to one help. Furthermore, those candidates that have failed the exam anywhere else are welcome. I will sit down with you and try to find out where it went wrong and advise you where to make changes. You will not find this from anywhere else other than at SAMSON COURSES.

I also do one to one teaching if required to help you boost your confidence.Please call and that will be the turning point of your struggle in PLAB exams.

At SAMSON COURSES we welcome everyone. We are friendly and prepared to make adjustments for you – whether you are working or simply need extra attention or are worried about your gap in the medical profession. Whatever your needs maybe we will make things simple and help you pass PLAB.

At SAMSON COURSES we will help you from your first day of PLAB until you enter the National Health Service (NHS).

We offer the following:

  • We offer one to one help.
  • We conduct private teaching for those candidates who do not have enough time.
  • Help you on how to apply for jobs.
  • How to fill in job applications.
  • How to get training posts

If you are a new medical graduate, have had a long gap in Medicine, or a specialist wanting to pass PLAB then SAMSON Courses is the right place for you.

At SAMSON Courses you will enjoy your studies and pass the PLAB exams without difficulty.