Clinical Assessment Course


This is a clinical assesment course for those doctors who have been accepted for the foundation program. The course is for  4 days plus one mock test which is conducted on a different date. The course will covers all the scenarios and practical skills required for you to pass the clinical assessment exam.   With this course, passing a clinical assessment exam is guaranteed.

Course dates 17th-20th October 2021
Course fees £399.99
First mock test 23rd  October 2021





1. History & counselling stations:

  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • communication with difficulty patients

2. Mannequin teaching e.g. ABG blood sampling IV cannulation, catheterisations.

3. Orthopaedics and surgery examinations

4. Medicine Clinical examination, e.g lower limb neurological examinations, cardiovascular, respiratory etc.

5. Miscellaneous:

  • i. Intravenous infusion set up
  • ii. ECG recording and interpretation
  • iii. Handovers
  • iv. Safe prescription
  • v. Team work
  • vi. Arterial blood gas interpretation
  • vii. Preparation of intravenous medication

6. Communication skills:

  • i. With colleagues
  • ii. With patients

7. Examination of a stable patient with a chronic disease