Medical Nursing

Procedure for becoming Registered Nurse in UK:

In the UK council the nursing and midwifery is the national organisation which controls the registration, practice and upholding of standard of nursing in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The guide for the registered nurses in oversees is made by nurses arena dot com solely. For registered nurses who possibly will pursue registration with the UK nursing and midwifery council board to be able to practice in any part of UK.

The previous registration method for nurses who are trained outside the European union countries has changed which has been observed by the Nurses Arena dot com. Nurses who anticipate to pursue registration with NMC will have to follow the below steps.


The following eligibility conditions needs to be met before proceeding the steps:

  • 1. Language ( In every part of IELTS with an average band score of at least 7.0 )
  • 2. Education conditions (At least 3 years of nursing education as well as 10 years of education before your nursing studies will be required).
  • 3. Practice requirements (you are required to have at least 12months of full time or part time which will be equivalent work experience).
  • 4. Registration Requirements (council of oversees you need to hold an active registration with the nursing and midwifery. Your registration should not have any limitations placed on it.

NOTE: The registration fields UK NMC has 4 fields; Adult nursing, mental health nursing, learning disability nursing and children nursing.

Stage 1:

Once the above requirements are met click on the given website and construct an account. Before applying the self- assessment of eligibility needs to be completed. Certifying you have met all the requirements as well as character and good health. However at the later period you will be required to produce all the documents.

(Note) Application fees cost



After passing the eligibility assessment step (the above stage) then the computer based exam needs to be done. The following exam will be given in multiple choice form which you can take in oversees

Pearson VUE (http:// on behalf of the NMC UK Pearson directs the exam however the exam is obtainable all-inclusive including oversees.

Pearson Professional Centres-London Holborn
190 High Holborn
United Kingdom
4.5 mi

Pearson Professional Centres-UK Ilford
253 High road
Ilford London
United Kingdom
4.7 mi

Please visit the Pearson for the list of other countries where you can take this test.

For the test you will be given two attempts. Successful candidate result will be sent directly to the NMC UK and they will be asked to progress to the next phase. Nevertheless if you do not succeed in two attempts you will have to wait until six months before you can retake the test.


Your application will be assessed once passing the computer based exam. You will have to produce the following documents for the assessment:

  • 1. Birth certificate
  • 2. Valid passport.
  • 3. A good health declaration certificate by a (medical doctor)
  • 4. Police certificate
  • 5. Your qualification certificate
  • 6. Registration certificate from Nursing and Midwifery council of Oversees.
  • 7. Registration of verification from Nursing and Midwifery Council of Oversees.
  • 8. 2 employment references needs to be given showing you have the 12 months experience in competent and character
  • 9. From your nursing school showing the transcript hours spent on clinicals and block studies.

Note: All these forms are available for download on the NMC UK website



You will be invited for the part 2 competency test after successful assessment. The following test will be clinical competence; the competency test plan is objective structured clinical examination regularly stated to as OSCE.

In this stage of the test, collected that to take the test you will have to travel to UK in the University of Northampton which is the only university certified to conduct the exam.

Through 6 station you will switch and answer questions. However (you will be asked to perform practical demonstrations and answer questions as you switch the stations. The cost of the exam will be £992. Further information regarding the test is available on the given website visit


ID check is the face-to-face identity check where you identity will be approved. The ORIGINAL documents will be checked which you have submitted earlier furthermore your picture will be taken.

The above checks can be done at the London Office of Nursing and Midwifery Council, UK or at the venue of the OSCE exam.

After the successful completion of part two competency exam. For the final declaration and payment for your registration pin; you will be invited to complete the above. This can be done online. The Cost of the registration fees cost £133 and renewable yearly.

To process your application the full amount which will be required is £1395 (excluding IELTS fees, mailing, licence verification in your country, travel, hotel booking etc.)

For any further question, please log in to your account using username and password and click on reply to leave your questions and comments.

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