NHS Orientation Course

Envaluable course for those who are about to enter the NHS.

Interview, Job application, prescribing and many more skills.

This is a 2 days course during which you will receive all the information about how to work in NHS and also you will receive the tips on how to survive in your first job in the UK. We will teach you how to work in different specialties. You will learn what to expect in your first job. This course is very helpfull and valuable for those who are preparing for their first job in NHS.

Course fee: £100

Course dates: 21st and 22nd June 2014.

Course contents:

  • 1. NHS organisations
  • 2. Docotrs community
  • 3. How to survive in the first few weeks of your first job in the UK
  • 4. E-portfolio and training jobs
  • 5. how to work in surgical rotations
  • 6. How to work in medical rotations
  • 7. Orthopaedic rotations
  • 8. Accident and emergency jobs.
  • 9. CV writing
  • 10. Job interviews preparation
  • 11. Job applications

  • 12. Practical clinical scenarios from different specialities.
  • 13. General duties of junior doctor (FY1 and SHO)
  • -Handovers
  • -ward rounds
  • -Night duties
  • -writing in the notes
  • -A&E clerking
  • -Requesting investigation
  • -Ward covers
  • -blood forms, radiological forms
  • -Initial clerking of a patient (surgical, medial and paediatric)


At the end of the course you will be provided with a certificate:

SJT course

  • 1 DAY COURSE: 1st December 2012.
  • COURSE FEE: £75


  • 1. General aproach to SJT questions
  • 2. Ethic situational scenario
  • 3. Clinical situational scenarios
  • 4. Practical scenarios