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Welcome to SAMSON PLAB online Courses

In this section you will find information about our online services. The online courses are available to you, whether you are in the UK or abraod.

We have 2 types of PLAB 1 online services:

A. Online subscription (Please see free online plab 1)

B. Live online courses


Online subscription allows you to have access to our materials but you will not take part in live courses. You can access the materials you have purchased 24 hours a day for a given period of time, which you have specified yourself when buying the materials online. You can subscribe for the following materials:

PLAB 1 Question bank (subject wise).

  • You will have over 5000 single best answer questions.
  • All the questnions contain answers and explanations
  • All our questions are recall from the past PLAB 1 exam and they are all single best answer questions which suit the current GMC exam pattern.

PLAB 1 Mock Tests:

  • There are 10 mock tests in total.
  • Each mock test contains 200 questions just like in the real PLAB 1 exam.
  • The pass mark for each mock is 130 similar to the GMC PLAB 1 pass mark, which usually is around 124-130.
  • All the mock tests have answers and explanations. Each answer in the mock tests has been researched and found to be correct. If you think that the answer given is incorrect, please feel free to give us a feedback. We will explain the reasons behind our answers.
  • All questions are single best answers and based on recall from the real Plab 1 exams.

PLAB 1 Lecture Notes:

  • The topics covered in these lecture notes are based on previous GMC PLAB 1 questions.
  • We have researched all the questions and selected topics within each subject where GMC brings most of the questions. Topics which do not appear in PLAB 1 exam have been left out. The lecture notes will enable you to answer most of the plab 1 questions.
  • The lecture notes are concise and target to answer questions, which come in PLAB 1 exam .
  • The lecture notes cover all the subjects as stated in the GMC PLAB 1 blue print. It provides all the required information in a concise and comprehensive manner that will enable you to master the subjects within a short period of time.


What you need:

  1. A computer or laptop not an iPad or iPhone or any mobile phones
  2. Good speed Internet
  3. Download the latest Skype
  4. Check that you are ok with timing, lessons are conducted between 10 am and 7 pm UK time
  5. Knowledge on how to use Skype (share screen, send message or call)

We have set up an excellent good speed Internet but in order for the lessons to run smoothly, you will also need a good speed Internet.

NOTE: We may encounter connection issues once in a while but overall the Skype lessons are good and effective.

Most important: Samson Plab will bring PLAB 1 lessons to your home.



Online Self Study Registration Plab 1 & 2:


Online Log In:


PLAB 1 Long Course:

  • This course runs for 20 days.
  • Timings are from 10:00 am till 19:00 hours UK time.
  • Each day starts with lectures, from 10:00 am till 13:00 pm.
  • From 13:00 pm till 14:00 pm we have one hour lunch break.
  • From 14:00 pm till 19:00 we discuss past plab 1 questions.
  • It is an interactive class where you can ask questions and participate in all the discussions together with the other candidates who are attending live.
  • This course is conducted at the same time with those candidates who are attending live. You will get the same lectures notes and questions as those who are attending live and you will be taught at the same time and by the same teacher.
  • The cost for this course is £700. It includes all the lecture notes, past papers and first 8 mock tests


    PLAB 1 Short Course:

    • This is a 10 day course in which we discuss past paper questions only.
    • The lectures are not covered in the short course.
    • You will be able to cover over 5000 past questions which will greatly improve your chance of passing PLAB 1 in your first attempt.
    • The course runs everyday for 10 consecutive days.
    • Usually 2 subjects per day are covered e.g Respiratory medicine in the morning and Endocrinology in the afternoon. By the end of the 10 days course, you will cover all the 23 subjects which are specified on GMC blue print.
    • Classes run from 10:00 am till 19:00 hours with one hour lunch break.
    • This course costs £500 which includes 8 mock tests.
    • NB: The packages come with 8 mocks. If you miss the mock tests for any reason, you can collect a copy of the mock test with answers from our office. Please note that if you attend the course late, it may collide with mock tests. It is your responsibility to check that your course does not clash with the mock dates.

    ORE/LDS 1 Course:

    • This is a 10 day course in which we cover lecture and discuss past questions.
    • You will be able to cover all the past questions which have come in the ORE exams before.
    • The course runs everyday for 10 consecutive days without days off.
    • Classes run from 10:00 till 19:00 hours with a one hour lunch break.
    • It is an interactive class where you can ask questions during the classes and participate in all the activities as if you were attending live.
    • This course will greatly improve your confidence.
    • We have 98% pass rate for the ORE part 1.
    • Course fees: £600







    1. Anatomy

    2. Cardiovascular medicine

    3. Dermatology

    4. Endocrinology

    5. ENT

    6. Epidemiology

    7. Genetics

    8. General surgery

    9. Gastroenterology

    10. Haematology

    11. Infectious disease

    12. Medico-legal medicine and Ethics
    13. Nephrology

    14. Neurology

    15. Obstetrics and Gynaecology

    16. Oncology

    17. Ophthalmology

    18. Orthopaedics and Trauma

    19. Paediatrics

    20. Pharmacology and Toxicology

    21. Psychiatry

    22. Respiratory medicine

    23. Emergency medicine

    24. Rheumatology