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The best online resource for PLAB part 1 and ORE part 1

Welcome to SAMSONPLAB Online Subscription

In this section, you will find information about our online services. The online courses are available to you, whether you are in the UK or abraod.

We have 2 types of online subscription:

A. PLAB 1 Online subscription.
B. ORE 1 subscription

C. MSRA Mock subscription


Online subscription allows you to have access to our materials but you will NOT take part in live lectures. You can access the materials you have purchased instantly.


MSRA subscription:

This includes question bank and mock exams-both professional dilemma and clinical problem solving papers.

The bank and mocks include the latest syllabus to MSRA exam including the January 2022 exam.

Please click on the subscription tab on top of this page.


PLAB 1 Question bank (subject wise) or ORE 1 Question bank

re very exam oriented
You will have over 5000 single best answer questions.
All the questions contain answers and explanations
All our questions are recall from the past PLAB 1 exam and they are all single best answer questions which suit the current GMC exam pattern.

ORE part 1 lectures and ORE 1 questions bank.

We have all the previous ORE part 1 feedback questions The
ORE part 1 lectures are well covered and very exam oriented.

PLAB 1 Mock Tests:

There are 8 mock tests in total.
Each mock test contains 200 questions just like in the real PLAB 1 exam.
The pass mark for each mock is 130 similar to the GMC PLAB 1 pass mark, which usually is around 124-130.
All the mock tests have answers and explanations. Each answer in the mock tests has been researched and found to be correct. If you think that the answer given is incorrect, please feel free to give us a feedback. We will explain the reasons behind our answers.
All questions are single best answers and based on recall from the real Plab 1 exams.

PLAB 1 Lecture Notes:

The topics covered in these lecture notes are based on previous GMC PLAB 1 questions.
We have researched all the questions and selected topics within each subject where GMC brings most of the questions. Topics which do not appear in PLAB 1 exam have been left out. The lecture notes will enable you to answer most of the PLAB 1 questions.
The lecture notes are concise and target to answer questions, which come in PLAB 1 exam.
The lecture notes cover all the subjects as stated in the GMC PLAB 1 blue print. It provides all the required information in a concise and comprehensive manner that will enable you to master the subjects within a short period of time.