Special Post PLAB Programme


In this programme we will help you until you start your job in NHS. This is a new programme which is not available anywhere else but at SAMSONPLAB.

We will help you to:

  • 1. Find clinical attachments
  • 2. If you have been short listed for the interview we will prepare you for that specific interview
  • 3. Help you with filling in of job application form
  • 4. Get you registered with a local agency that will give you a good pay rate.
  • 5. We will advise you how to take training job
  • i.e. the courses you need, and how to make your CV strong for a particular specialty
  • 6. Many Foreign doctors have had jobs taken away from them after being given, we will advice you how to handle this professionally without upsetting your hospital but still keep the job. Basically the job given to you must not be taken away.
  • 7. We will give you advice on how to extend your visa while in the UK, so you can buy more time to find a job.
  • 8. We can give you an opportunity to teach at our institute and provide you with a letter of teaching experience, which will help you in job applications. We will offer you many more.


  • 1. You must have done PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 or only PLAB 2 at SAMSONPLAB to use this programme for fre.
  • 2. You can arrange up to 3 one to one appointment with Dr Samson to help prepare you the area you need. Other help or advice can be done in groups of max. 3 doctors, or through email or over the phone. We will respond to you within 12 hours after your request.
  • 3. You need to complete the registration online and state ‘I am joining POST-PLAB programme’.
  • 4. This programme is open to all, even those that have not done PLAB at SAMSONPLAB are well come.
  • 5. Membership is valid for one year.


£50 per year
Free if you have done course at SAMSONPLAB ACADDEMY.